Taskmaster Club

UK schools can sign-up to run 5 or 6 club sessions every half term, with your club Taskmaster skilfully assisted by Little Alex Horne himself.


About Taskmaster Club for UK Primary Schools

Taskmaster Club is a paid-for after school club that can be set up in primary or secondary schools in the UK. The clubs are designed with upper primary children in mind, but work well with all year groups – the children just approach the tasks in different ways.

To give the children a taste of Taskmaster Club, when you register as a school, you gain access to an assembly by Alex Horne and a letter to send home to the parents of interested children. Parents or guardians can then use your unique school code to find the school and sign children up. Your club needs a minimum of 6 registrations for your Club to go live and once you meet that threshold, you will be able to gain access to the club materials. You can set the maximum club capacity; pick the number of sessions (5 or 6) you wish to run; and add the dates of your Club on your Manage Clubs page.

The cost of Taskmaster Club is £5 per session and parents or guardians pay Taskmaster Education directly. Schools can also register and pay for children in loco parentis. There is a 50% discount available for low-income families (eligibility criteria apply), which can be applied either to parents or guardians booking or to school bookings for eligible children.

We ask for school bank details as we pay the school to pay the staff member running the club.

Please also see our FAQs here.

If you have any further questions, please feel free to message us at info@taskmastereducation.com.


Teacher facilitating a Taskmaster Club

For Parents

Would your child like to attend the after-school Taskmaster Club at their school for only £5 per session? Use the link below to find your school and register them for a space at a club.

Teacher facilitating a Taskmaster Club

For School Staff

Would you like to run a Taskmaster Club at your school? Sign-up here for everything you’ll need for the Club.

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Do you want to run a Taskmaster Club but you're not a UK Primary School?

Drop us a line via info@taskmastereducation.com to get involved in our new pilot.